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I am Rick Farinelli, Supervisor for Madera County's 3rd District. I am passionate about Madera. I am dedicated to fiscally responsible county government, effective programs for our community, and a better future for our kids through good education, safe streets, and high-value jobs.

This site is a resource not only for third district residents, but for anyone interested in learning more about local events and news, as well as updates from my office and the Madera County Board of Supervisors.

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Latest updates from RickFarinelli.com:

Dear Friend,  I have great news to share with you! Justice has prevailed for farm worker rights! Gerawan Farms wins! We learned this week that the abuses of the United Farm Workers union and the Agricultural Labor Relations Board against the hard working families at Gerawan Farms were overturned by...
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Dear Friend,  You only need to look outside to realize how serious the drought is. The news is dominated by it. Even the East Coast is beginning to express its concerns about the severity of California's drought. There are massive new regulations and restrictions statewide, and fingers are pointing in...
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Important news from around the valley:

Officials offer local status reports By John RiepingTHE MADERA TRIBUNEDon’t expect State Route 99 to offer six lanes through Madera anytime soon if Caltrans has its way. Despite widening, the highway may not be striped anew for several years. “We’re not scheduled until 2019 to basically finish our three lanes...
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My op-ed was originally published in the July 30, 2015 edition of the Madera Tribune. A link to the original article can be read by clicking here.
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